UCLA Chinese for Chinese Speakers Course for High School Students
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June 28 - July 28, 2011
Rolfe 3118, UCLA

Instructor : Ms. Irene Sy

This course is a five-week introduction to Mandarin for those who speak Mandarin at home. The materials for the class have been created specifically for Chinese language speakers in the United States, and will include interactive Web-based excercises, readings from contemporary and classical literature, viewing and discussion of Chinese films, and lectures on Chinese culture as its found around the world.

2011 Hanban China Bridge Summer Camp for High School Students (click here for more info)

The Chinese Bridge Summer Camp is an elite two-week intensive Mandarin language and Chinese culture training program for high school students. The camp is organized by the Hanban (Office of Chinese Language Council International), a government office of the People's Republic of China that promotes the teaching of Chinese language and culture worldwide. During the 2-week program students will have the opportunity to develop their language skills by attending a variety of classes, interacting with Chinese students, and participating in field trips and sightseeing activities.

Please contact Ms. Irene Sy at VCChineseSchool@aol.com if you are interested to attend the Camp sponsored by HANBAN.